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                        Advantages of cooperation

                        1Independent brand, complete certification: professional production of high temperature wires for 20 years, with UL, VDE, CCC, CSA, CE and other certifications

                        2Abundant products to meet different needs: silicone wire, Teflon wire, XLPE wire, mica wire, PVC wire, silicone tube, wire harness processing, customized wire, etc. The company customizes wires of different specifications according to the different needs of customers.

                        3 One-stop service and quality control: We have our own factory and strictly control raw materials, production, and quality inspection.

                        4Market escort, support and protection: Based on the protection of cooperation areas, the interests of customers are guaranteed.

                        5Bombardment and brand promotion: The company has invested a lot of money in B2B platforms, Google, exhibitions, etc., to improve the effectiveness of publicity.

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