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                        • 2018 NOW

                          Established Dongguan MYSUN Electric Co., Ltd in 2018.

                          In 2019, Dongguan MYSUN Electric Co., Ltd obtained ISO9001, ISO14001 and IATF16949


                          In 2020, we introduced Kyocera Philosophy into the company and got CQC

                          silicone rubber wire and FEP wire product certification.

                        • 2012-2017

                          New industrial zone was founded in Jingzhou, Hubei on January,2012, area 50 mu.
                          In June 2012,we obtain TUV certificate.
                          Introduced self-operation trainning system in Aguest 2013.
                          Bought new XLPE production and obtained UL certification for PVC & XLPVC wire in 2014.

                          ISO/TS 16946 approved and has obtained UL certification for Mysun mica wire,PTFE wire,

                          ETFE wire in 2015.

                          Obtained UL certificate for 250℃ silicone wire and VDE certificate for 8841 wire in 2016.

                          Added 21 sets high speed braiding machine.

                          Obtained HI-tech enterprice qualification and passed CSA certificate and Intellectual

                          property management system certification.

                        • 2008-2011

                          Factory area enlarged to 8000m2 on May,2008,got CCC certificate and import REACH

                          in the same year.

                          XLPE wire production lines were increased on May,2009.

                          Zhejiang Office was founded in the beginning of 2010,got ISO14001 environment

                          certificate on October.

                          Machines are increased to 400 sets in July 2011.

                        • 2003-2007

                           Bought first electrical wire production line on August,2003, factory area enlarged to

                          1000m2,we got VDE certificate at the same year.

                          We got UL,CUL certificate in 2004 successfully, increased wiring harness production line in

                          February, fatory are moved to Runhe Industrial Zone, Shajing in May, factory area

                          enlarged to 3000m2,machine increased to 50 sets.

                          We got ISO9001 certificate in 2005, import ROHS in Oct,2005.
                          Mysun area increased to 4670m2, Shunde office was founded in the same year.
                          Teflon high temperature wire production line were increased in January,2007.

                        • 2002

                          Bought first extrude machine on Feb,2002,made silicone tube, factory area from 150m2

                          increased to 300m2;

                        • 1999

                          MYSUN was founded on June 16,1999,mainly operated by trade.

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